Monday, 19 December 2011

Ellen Parsons or Carrie Mathison?

When I watch a movie, it happens that I forget to follow the plot, just because I am stuck with some details I see. Rose Byrne often made it hard to follow the plot. I can't recall another actress who has stirred me like Rose Byrne did during those four seasons of Damages.

Her sad eyes (the way they apply the khol around her eyes), her bangs in the 4th season, her drooping corners of the mouth. And yet, a perfect beauty. Rose Byrne's meaningless facial expressions probably cause some aggressions for some. Not for me!

While watching Bridesmaides, I did not recognize Byrne at first. I KNEW I knew her - but who was she? Having watched Damages (Season 1+2) quite a while long ago, Rose was not retrievable from my memory at first. As soon as I found out, I was startled. She looked 15 years older. Was her acting true irony? Can we be sure it was not "her"?

I have been watching Damages and Homeland. Having seen Damages, Homeland became a bit boring. Having seen Homeland, Damages became a bit boring. Two series, both on the subject of POW and War in the Middle East. You can easily get confused, what happened where?

Over at Homeland, we have a blondie, Claire Danes, struggling with her demons. Long ago, there was Julia (1996) and now there is Carrie. Both actrices, Danes and Byrne appeal to me.

How about you? Which actresses recently stirred you up? Maybe Kelly Macdonald aka Margaret Schroeder from "Boardwalk Empire"?

And then there was my my crush in my early 30's: Kathryn Morris aka Lilly Rush, Cold Case.
Those smokey hooded eyes plus the bleeding lipstick. Not just once I almost lost the plot, losing myself in the attempt of breaking down her eye make up. How do they create this look?

Lucky me ...
... the Cold Case-plot was quite simple, I never got lost.
... thousands of Youtube tutorials on smokey eyes have been published ever since.


  1. The first is my favorite! Very classy. ;-) Also, I sent you an email last saturday and was wondering, if you got it (for some strange reason my mails occasionally end up on spam lists). Hope, all is well and sending best wishes, Macs

  2. Hi Macs! You were right - your mail went straight into my spamfolder. I guess one should go through the spamfolder from time to time.
    Rose Byrne also starred in a movie with Heath Ledger, back then she was more part of a trash-culture and less conservative.

  3. Pretty ladies. I am not familiar with any of the shows as we don't watch TV. Sometimes shows make it to netflix several seasons later and if people are still raving, we try it. Usually we're bored but sometimes we get sucked in, like with Mad Men.