Saturday, 10 December 2011

Mild Evening in December


Tonight the air was so warm, people rested on benches, took their time to hold still and take look. En plein air. At night. Mid december.

I joined them and, once again, I behaved like a tourist in my home-city.
Can you sense the mild air?
One of the quiet corners, where no busses from Italy, Hungary and Croatia are lining up.
'tis the season!

I am embarrassed. I find myself actually enjoying Hans Hollein's later works at the Albertina's entrance. Which proves: The 35mm 1,8 lens does turn EVERYTHING she sees into a piece of art. Even Hans Hollein's later works.
In the back, to the left, the wing is peeking, so to say a statement piece.

One of the rare quiet corners in the city tonight.
Cliffs in the city.

This balustrade can be found at the entrance level of the Albertina, opposite the Vienna State Opera. As teenagers, we came here after our dancing class and kissed. That was long before the redesign of the Albertina, long before the illumination of the State Opera vis à vis. Less light, more intimacy, ... cooler nights.

And today we look down ...
... the shore is calm

I know I bore you no end with my complaints about the lack of snow. I am missing snow so badly, I see it everywhere, even in the bowl of my kitchen processor. But in the end its nothing but wishful thinking ...
... and only leads to pizza and brioche. The first already landed in my tummy, while the second sits in the fridge and waits to turn into golden delight by tomorrow noon.
Jen, tonight Mr Paula so approved my home-made pizza, after a few first rounds, that were "so-so". Because tonight it was served with garlic on top, after baking.
Not pictured: the fabulous Riedl red wine glass, which really makes a difference. To be featured soon on this blog.

Happy お月見 (otsukimi) full moon viewing!*

*Or maybe not so full at all, since there is going to be a total lunar
Eclipse in the southern hemisphere.


  1. The city looks so lovely with all the pretty lights! It's usually 30+ degrees celcius here in Brisbane leading up to Christmas, but my iphone tells me it's currently 22 degree celcius, which is a nice change from the dreadful heat.

  2. This night seems a particularly lovely one! I just realized you had a photo blog, so have been spending a little bit of time looking around. Congratulations on the fixed lens! The Nikon 35mm f2 is my standard, and I adore it. And your Christmas light photographs are wonderful--I've been trouble making those work with my digital (although, really, everything seems so much trouble with an automatic-anything camera; I so prefer old ones).

    That pizza looks wonderful! Yum!

  3. Dear Paula, lovely images and I can imagine how magical it would be with the addition of snow. (I've just read your comments on the gardener's cottage blog. Good for you. And thank you for your comment on mine - I am feeling a little better, if I eat VERY carefully!) R xx.

  4. StylishShoeGirl, I wonder how you can live in such a hot climate. 22 is perfect for me!

    Catherine, so we are sisters of focal lengths from now on. :-)
    I just started using my new "computerized" camera like an analoge one: shutter time, aperture are determined by me, not the camera. What I love about digital cameras, is that you can change the film after each and every photo (by altering the ISO). Also the black and white photography, which used to be sooo expensive when you brought your film to the drugstore for prints. I wonder why I never chose black/white.

    Dear Share my Garden, I will let you know firsthand as soon as the snow arrives. And about consumer-ethics - this morning they brought up exactly that topic in the news. The experts seem to be lost, too. I once read a phantastic article about the Braun electric razor and how the manager who was in charge of the blade-supplies shut down the production in Germany, moved on to the Czech Repulic, later to Romania and ended in China. Every time the wages went up in a former cheap environment, he moved on. And then there is all the competition ... When I read the article, I felt as if I wanted to know. Needed to know. Now that I know I am clueless what to do, where to start. I will keep thinking about the issue, but this time better quiet.

  5. Your camera is truly amazing. If that top photo were for sale I'd be tempted to buy it.

  6. Your after-dark photos are amazing! Vienna looks glorious.

  7. Susan, thank you for this wonderful feedback!

    LAFE, I was surprised myself when I saw the photos. I did this? :-)