Sunday, 18 December 2011

Home Stretch Already

What happened?
Don't be afraid, it's only a Christmas-Template! Due to the ongoing lack of snow, I've decided to overdo it around here. Or should I say: Sugar intake: high?

Uh, this white on red really hurts. But wait for the green and red below. Those frames in green are a killer! This design will be gone by Dec.27. Til then, lets play it festive, ok?

And since I've spent a fair amount of time layouting/messing around, I will do a simple photo reportage. I don't have a story to tell, I let the pictures speak for themselves.

The Cast:
Christmas Market at Maria Theresien Platz and Freyung
Kasperl and his posse
Michaeler Tor / Seniors Choir + their audience
Passage of the Palais Ferstel
Herrengasse including Valentino
Swarovski Crystallized by Hely Design/Israel

The music they played was very calm and piano.
The seniors choir enjoys well deserved hot wine and hot punch.
sparkle, sparkle ...
In the shop the bracelet did not look special, not love at first sight. As you can tell from the photos I have taken, I fell for it. The mixture of the elegant stones and the casual leather plus the golden button - no one who knows me would have dared to hand me this as a gift. Too fancy, too stylish. But hey, guess what, I fancy fancy!

Have a wonderful 4th of Advent.


  1. That is a really beautiful bracelet.

  2. lack of snow is really depressing :-( I'm compensating with chocolate and Christmas tunes. No eggnog though, I caught cold a week ago.
    Lovely bracelet!

  3. Lisa, I googled the designer, Hely Rotbard is a new name to me. The Swarovski Store comes in handy, with all the new Designers I can find at one spot. They even sell Kate Spade designs, I believe her designs aren' available in Vienna except at Swarovski.

    coffeeaddict, I compensate it with lots of cookies and company. At least the heating costs don't explode.
    Do you ever make homemade eggnog?

  4. Memories of last December!

    That trip, a Danube Christmas Market cruise, was a replacement trip for an earlier trip with friends to Turkey I had to cancel due to the ash cloud. Martin and I do not like cruise trips, but as an academic, Christmas is a time he can travel, so we booked the trip to meet the replacement requirements. The first several Christmas markets we visited in Germany offered low quality stuff, so after that we skipped the markets to take in other cultural offerings. I had no idea Vienna had a good market -- we were busy visiting museums!

    I also skipped Swarovski, everywhere, as it seemed like a single brand jewelry chain. I had no idea you could see other designs too. Oh well.

    At least we walked around a lot.

    Merry Christmas Paula and Mr. Paula!

  5. My sister currently lives in Germany, we visited her a couple of years back and went to the Christmas markets...nothing like it in Australia! Looks beautifully seasonal even without snow! Merry Christmas to you :)

  6. Susan, cruise trips on rivers are said to be "swimming coffins" because they are so boring. At least you had lots of entertainment in the cities. The Crystallized-Collection is not available in every store. In London you find a store dedicated to Crystallized, in Vienna it's a shop-in-flagship-store-solution. But you get everything online, too, here is the list of all the designers who cooperate with the brand:

    LAFE, thank you for visiting my blog! I had no idea Christmas markets are a regional, almost local phenomenon, like the Advent wreaths with the 4 candles.
    The hot wine and punch is much more fun when the temperatures are above 0°C. You can drink the beverage slower, it won't get cold so fast. (when it's really cold, people get drunk really fast!)
    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  7. I've made eggnog twice already from a recipe my cousin gave me. Last year Mr. C almost passed out from shock when he heard I used his 12yrs old single malt Scotch. Hi, hi. But the eggnog was fantastic :-D