Saturday, 3 December 2011

A New Anteater


Hillary's pics have been all over the news, on her mission in Myanmar. I will leave politics to others and focus on her appearance, to be precise, on her hair:
What caught my eye is the difference the hair-do makes in her appearance. I like her "image" in the 2nd photo much more, it is sharp and elegant and represents peace in the sense of calm whilst the first photo imho represents a quite unorganized appearance.

I am not trying to reduce her to nothing but looks. It's just that one can can get a much better hearing and sell one's message easier, when the appearance matches the message.

Uh, I can tell, I won't make tracks. I admit, I am no better than all the men, who reduce women in politics to there mere looks. :-/ Paula the hair chauvinist.

Now that this posting already took a wrong direction, I like to jump to a completely different. There is no smooth way that would lead from Hillary to a baby anteater anyway. At least none I can think of.

All I can think of is how adoring and incredible cute this baby anteater is, holding on to it's anteater-mummy:
Funny little creature!

Some funny little creatures are going to inhabit the Paula Residence later today:

Not for the first time, my blog came in handy, since I've posted the brioche-recipe earlier this year and I remembered I preferred some alterations, but I could not exactly remember what it was.

I will bake the "Krampus" together with Niece Paula. I had to top last weekends cookie-baking with some exciting baking. Krampus it is! My mum called me yesterday and told me, Niece Paula is already coming up with names for all the Krampusses (one for her mum, one for her dad, her sister, her grandma ...). She just texted me, if we can also do some handicrafts. We had fun last year when we scrapped christmas cards. Glue, pearls, glitter, hairdryer, pens, scissors ....
I am thankful for her company. Lets see, what she has to say about the baby anteater. :-)

To be visited in the Schönbrunn Zoo,Vienna.

Have a nice 2nd Advent weekend,
hopefully with the ones you love.


  1. I think the problem isn't that's she's not pretty or feminine enough. Her outfits and overall appearance seriously raise the question if this is appropriate and professional for a high ranking politician? It's the same for male politicians too: we expect perfectly cut suits, nice ties a clean shave or a nicely trimmed beard/moustache.

  2. coffeeaddict, I like what you have to say. And I will continue thinking about this.

  3. Poor Hillary. I don't think it is her fault because her mind is not on style at all. I used to be like that too so I have sympathy. Some people do not have a single style bone in their body and have to make a herculean effort to get with it.

  4. I admire Hillary so much! I think her appearance hits the exact right note - she looks ok, she looks business like but most important she looks like a THINKING woman who knows her subject. Full marks Hillary.