Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Une Ville-Lumière, as seen with 35mm


I am not promising too much, see for yourself, how Vienna turns into a Ville-Lumière before Christmas. I took the following photos after work, on my way to a meeting in the city centre. All pictures were taken with my bike between my legs. :-)

Maria Theresien Platz (Maria Theresia=empress with tons of children, she "invented" compulsory schooling)
The smart marketing department of the KHM (Kunsthistorisches Museum=Museum of Fine Arts) uses the museum to promote their annual tickets.
Gideon Laudon on his horse
Towards the city centre
Michaelertor (cropped)Michaelerplatz
Rain of light on Kohlmarkt
The Habsburgergasse comes with crowns
The Graben with chandeliers
while the Rotenturmstraße delights with red balls
Vienna's largest shopping street, the Mariahilfer Straße does not think it's necessary to invest in new, energy saving LED designs and puts up the old fashioned decoration, that has been around for 20 years if not longer. I guess they think it's not necessary, because people come and spend their money anyhow.

One year ago, Austria was under a blanket of snow.

I am going to make a present to myself soon, it will be a new lens for my camera, 35mm. My first fixed focal length for my DSLR. No zoom. Like in the good old days. All pictures above where taken with 35mm focal length, except for the red ball (I forgot to adjust the zoom). I love the angle 35mm (equivalent to 52mm analoge) provides.

I like to thank Catherine and Une femme d'un certain age for taking photos instead of pointing and shooting - those women got me back on track. Now I carry my DSLR with everyday and it feels good!


  1. How stunning! For 4 years in a row we did a different Germanic Christmas market, Salzburg, Munich, Stockholm and Copenhagen, no one does it better at this time of year.

  2. Oh, those pictures are absolutely enchanting! I've had Vienna on my Want to Visit list for years now, and it's just moved up to the top of the list. Great photos! Don't you love the quality from the DSLR?

  3. Tabitha, in the past years I was annoyed, when they would open the markets in November. Now I wait for them as soon as October arrives.

    déja pseu, this is good news. Tell me beforehand, so I can help picking the perfect time of the year for you. Some like it hot. I don't!

  4. These are just so beautiful. I've tweeted a link - more people should see.

  5. Lisa, thank you for "like"-ing" this posting.

  6. What beautiful photographs! We were in Vienna this time last year and enjoyed the beautiful lights and decorations.

    The DSLR does make a huge difference but I think I'll stick with my point and shoot. For now anyway.

  7. How I wish I could magically transport myself to Vienna right this minute. It looks fabulous! Plus it is over 30 degrees Celsius here and soooo humid!