Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Those Days Inbetween


I had to laugh, when I opened, searching for Downton Abbey's Season 1, because this is how amazon welcomes me these days: Yay, the drill hammer! I did it, I went to the DIY store and left with a green box and a set of drills.

4 days after Christmas and Mr Paula still has not figured out the differences between a drill hammer, a drilling machine and a percussion drill. Maybe he never will. And he was definitely NOT overly excited about the gift (I was with my family and he with his, when he opened his gift Dec 24). But I can assure you I was excited no end and quizzed him the next day.
The gift I received was at least as exciting: a spyderco sharpening tool for knives. Something I have been thinking about for years.

Yesterday Mr Paula's mum and sister and I had the best time in the kitchen, sharpening Zwilling and Wüsthof knives. I will post photos. Mr Paula's mother had the best time holding the paper while I cut it after we had sharpened the knives. Everytime she laughed out, when the knife cut the thick paper like butter. sssssssp. ssssssssp. sssssssssp.

I took 2 days off from work and transformed the rather short Christmas weekend into a Christmas holiday. Lucky me I can take 2 days off. The excitement does not stop there. I am overall excited! 2011 was a staycation year and 2012 has not even begun and I already have a hotel room booked for 2012. The main ingredients for the short trip are of best quality only:
All you need is a 40th birthday, your sister and Hamburg in late spring. You can be sure, I sit here smiling while just thinking about this trip. As you might have noticed in the past: my sister and I aren't exactly close. I guess she was right, taking me on a get-away for my 40th birthday. It has been decades since we shared a bed. It's about time!
And as if this was not enough excitement already, I am going to watch almond blossoms in early spring in Sicily, together with Friend B. I can assure you, I am this close to booking a cabin on Queen Mary. If not Miss Cellany reassured me, 40 is not the best age for joining golden agers on a cruise.

I changed the blog's design to a "inbetween-days"-layout. A soft yellow seems to suit this time of the year. Our cleaning lady will visit us tomorrow and I am not sure if I should keep the Christmas decoration or clear the shelves and surfaces. I feel straight foreward, Carneval season to come soon! With lots of traditions you are probably not familiar with. Krapfen, Bälle and Fasching.


  1. How exciting that your 40th birthday is approaching next spring. I've been in my 40's for four years now and to be honest, I love my 40's.

    So happy you already have plans to spend your day with your sister. I bet you'll have lots to catch up on.

    Your Amazon home page is funny. Mine will probably show me some more European toothpastes and Clarisonic latest searches.

    The soft yellow is so soothing...I hope it sticks around for a while!

    Happy in-between days! Adrienne

  2. Adrienne, you need to get your hands on a Clarisonic. It is not available in Austria. If I could get it I would!
    Thank you for your compliment on the new colours.
    Can you believe, there is still no snow in Vienna, it's almost like in Sonoma Country around here.

  3. Yep, that's Amazon! So difficult to quetly look for a present for Mr C. on our one and only computer because we both use Amazon and the moment their page loads he'll know exactly what I've been searching for.
    Looks like 2012 will be very exciting for you :-D Do post pictures

  4. Yeah, right, 40 - maybe in wisdom, but not in looks. ;-) In any case, I'm excited for you! Still curious on how you decided regarding the decoration. Ours is still up, but I'm a little undecisive on how to decorate the table on Saturday. "christmassy" or classic plain festive. Nothing beats being spontaneous, right? :-) Also like the new design and sending hugs in your direction - Macs

  5. So Mr P wasn't overwhelmed with joy about getting the practical gift, but you are in heaven with yours? Well, 1 out of 2 ain't bad.

    So glad/envious you are going to have some trips this year as I know I will benefit from intriguing photos and commentary. Gets the 40th off to a good decade!