Thursday, 8 December 2011

The New Lens: Nikon 35mm f/1.8G

Ha, that was quick!

I left the office at 5.30pm, arrived at home 30 minutes later, at 6pm and inbetween I've bought a lovely new lens for my camera. That's what I call resolute.

Here you see Mr Paula seen through the new lens:
Mr Paula modelling for my new companion, the 35mm fixed focal length lens.

Since this blog owes its existance to photos, one could say this new lens is of some importance to the blog.

In the photo above you'll find everything I have been hoping for. It is crisp and sharp, works perfectly in low light and you can play with the depth of focus a lot! And it comes in less then 7oz!!

I fear I might call every single shot a piece of "art" from now on. Below you see a typical feature from the Baroque epoche:
No, not chaos but he Diagonal
During Renaissance, images were composed more structured
And then there was Realism. Can you smell the butter and sugar, slightly caramelised?
I still have to find the sweet spot for the focus - front, middle, back ...

Not to forget the importance of shadows as seen in early Renaissance paintings.

Yes. I am excited.

Of course I am excited, I mean taking pictures has been my passion for almost 30 years. This is going to be such a great portrait lens. I know, the typical portrait focal length would be longer, but I say this is my perfect portrait lens. If only it were not so sharp. My mother is not going to like it.

Bye bye zoom!

Hello Practical Housewive!
Thank you for following. I hope my future and past postings will meet your expectations and you enjoy what you see and read. Please excuse my spelling mistakes - my keyboard is meant for German words only and as a consequence, many letters end up in the wrong place or in words they don't belong to. I guess, that's why photos are so important around here.


  1. Congrats on your new acquisition, may it bring you lots of joy :-)
    I love the different styles portrayed with such mundane objects like a broom!
    The cookies do look yummy though.

  2. déjà pseu, spring is going to be a whole new experience.

    coffeeaddict, I guess it is to me like new sewing machine would be to you? Thank you for your comment!

  3. Wow. I'm getting inspired by these crisp shots. Maybe 2012 is the year of a DSLR for Susan?

  4. Ah! I love collecting cookie/biscuit tins. So useful and decorative (and free!).

    I like your style of photography: low light. It feels real... and not glamorous?

    -another Tracy, the one who wouldn't know about Poles and their style.

  5. Susan, have fun with your new camera!

    Tracy, I can tell you - I am 5'10'' and the pile is higher than I am!
    Thank you so much for your kind feedback on my photos.