Sunday, 4 December 2011

Saturday Afternoon

... included Tom Wolfe in the tub, brioche phantasies and an armada of ginger snaps.

Taking a bath turned into a small Japanese ritual, since I've washed my hair before stepping into the tub. I did not want to soak in dirty water. Japanese people clean themselves thoroughly before stepping into a tub. It really makes a difference.
Menu of the Bath: vanilla bath bomb, shu hair mask and 3 books to choose from.

Tom Wolfe 's "I am Charlotte Simmons" won. I made it through the first chapter. It is always a thrill, reading books from the library in the tub. What if it slips in the water? I know librarians would not want to see those books in the bathroom.
Tom Wolfe's second chapter awaits me at the nightstand, on safe ground.

I enjoyed his foreword. He thanks those who transformed the middle-aged language into a campus-language. Fabulous! Or should I say "Awesome"? Anyway, promising! (enough with the exclamation marks)

Early evening, Niece Paula left the Paula Residence with bags full of brioche Krampusses.

One Krampus turned out as a Beefeater:
The knight and the snowman

The block dots are not rabbit poop! But burnt raisins. ;-)

The damsel, the painter and the little Krampus
An insight: Silly dancing perfectly relaxes any back - after felt thousands of ginger snap-icings. Sorry, no pictures were taken during the fun-breaks.

Today I filled my heart with warmth and joy. I don't know, if charging also works on an emotional level. I believe it does. Tomorrow will tell!

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